Account Description: Cornerstone Bank is pleased to offer Certificates of Deposit with maturities from 6 months to 5 years. We also offer a "Growth CD" that allows you to contribute to the CD in any amount over $25 throughout the term of the CD. This allows customers to save for known, recurring events like vacations, taxes or Christmas spending while earning more interest than the standard savings account.

This account is best suited for customers who:

  • Want a safe and secure investment with FDIC insurance coverage


  • Minimum deposit to open a CD - $1,000
  • Minimum deposit to open a Growth CD - $500
  • Minimum deposit to open an IRA - $100
  • Early withdrawal penalties will be assessed if principal is withdrawn before maturity.


  • Interest can be compounded or automatically deposited into another Cornerstone account.
  • Growth CD's allow you to continue to deposit to the CD until maturity.
    • Convenient way to save for upcoming expenses

    • Allows for small additions to ease the burden on your pocketbook

    • "Savvy Saver" sweeps can be used to make savings easy and automatic

  • IRA's - Start saving for your future with tax deducted contributions and tax-deferred earnings
    • Earn higher yields than with regular CD's

    • Choose from Traditional or Roth IRA's