Our Core Value Statement

The only thing man can achieve of lasting value and consequence is in his service to his fellow man.

Our Mission Statement

To Serve Others.


To be the employer of choice
To be the trusted source for financial solutions

Our Guiding Principles

  • To Run a Superior Bank - By maintaining absolute regulatory compliance, executing safe and sound banking practices, providing superior financial services and by demonstrating fair and consistent treatment of all of our valued customers.
  • To Facilitate Excellence - By retaining employees who believe in the core values, by developing a culture that reinforces the mission, by encouraging individual initiative and personal growth, by providing a quality workplace that fosters a spirit of cooperation and unity and by providing the resources necessary for individual success.
  • To Be a Model Corporate Citizen - To lead by example through professional, ethical and moral conduct and through continual support of the communities we serve. We strive to epitomize integrity through a corporate culture of caring professionals.
  • To Never Quit - We will never be satisfied with who we are but always reaching for who we can become individually and as an organization. Re-evaluation of our products, services and processes must be embraced as an opportunity for growth.
  • To Humbly Serve - Our conduct should always be driven by our mission and reflect the core values of the organization. We do not serve with the idea of self-promotion nor do we desire to maximize earnings at the expense of our customers. It is our intent to interact with our neighbors in a manner consistent with Christian values. Our continued pursuit is to be judged as "one that bears good fruit".